About Us

Our mission at Double Apex Diecast LLC is to supply automotive enthusiasts with select diecast cars, dioramas, displays, and custom parts to modify your 1:64 scale cars at reasonable prices.


First off, what does Double Apex Mean?

A Double Apex is a racing term for a series of 2 consecutive turns and the driving line that is the fastest trajectory for both corners. Essentially hitting the peak, or apex, of the first corner, swinging wide enough to cut back in and hit the apex for the second corner.

Personally I just wanted to select a racing term when deciding on a name for my online store and Double Apex seemed to have the best flow.


About myself,

My father used to give my 2 brothers and I diecast cars for each holiday and we would spend countless hours setting up gravity racetracks in the basement of our Ohio home to hold races on which car would travel the farthest. Long after I stopped playing with diecast cars, I found myself still picking them up whenever I found one that caught my eye.

After retiring from the U.S. Navy in 2013 we moved to Cypress, TX where I began a second career in an office sitting behind a desk. I always kept a handful of diecast cars on my desk to enjoy throughout the years. 

My current employer is really laid back and allows me to keep my desk however I want as long as I remain productive. I began building dioramas and garages for my desk space to expand the area so I can add more and more cars to my desk. Currently I have 170 loose diecast cars on my desk with plans to expand once I find time to finish the 4 layer garage I started months ago.

I began to think maybe others might want to bring their passion for cars to work like I did, but maybe their employer doesn't allow them the freedom to display their collection. After much searching and a lot of math, I took the step to begin ordering dioramas and garages at a size that most desks could accomadate. 

If there is anything you as a customer are looking for, please send me an email and I will do my best to track down your request.